Hints & Tips

  • For maximum shampoo benefit, allow the oils in the lather to penetrate for a minute before rinsing.
  • All our shampoos are recommended for use on childrens hair; the Tea Tree and Rosemary may be helpful in the case of scalp problems, often picked up at school.
  • If your hair is oily but the ends are dry: comb conditioner through tips only and rinse well with cool water.
  • All our shampoos make excellent shower gels. The gentle cleansing base is much better for the skin than harsh alkaline soaps. Use with a sponge to create a rich all-over lather.
  • Try substituting your regular shaving cream with our conditioners, especially the Tea Tree and Marijuana with their recognised skin benefits. They can be very useful to prevent shavers rash and razor burn on a sensitive skin.



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