marijuanavitaminrosemarytea treecamomilebush balm
marijuanavitaminrosemarytea treecamomilebush balm

skin salve

Bush Balm
A pot full of plant power. Our balm contains Jojoba oil (pronounced ho-ho-ba), closest of all the plant oils to the skin's natural sebum and extremely moisturising and soothing, tea tree, for its renowned antiseptic/antifungal qualities and Lavender oil, the most powerful botanical skin healer. This natural, chemical free muti is recommended for most minor skin ailments.

Try it on chapped lips, cold sores, scratches, grazes and bruises, cracked heels, elbows and blisters. There are very few minor skin ailments that cannot be helped by African bush balm, so keep a pot handy.

Available in: 15ml (R25) and 35ml (R50)

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bush balm


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